XTouch Distributor in Dubai & UAE

Xtouch is a Dubai-based electronics brand that was established in the year 2012, Aim to develop high-quality, affordable phones for the economical Android market. As a new brand, Xtouch is quickly gaining popularity among customers for its variety of cellular phones. Since 2020, the National Store has been an Xtouch Authorized distributor & retailer in the UAE.

The National Store is one of Dubai’s pre-eminent distributors of electronic goods and services. We are renowned for providing products of the highest quality to partners and retail stores in the UAE. One of our unique features is the focus on offering innovative products that represent the best in quality and reliability.

One example of a product developed by the Xtouch brand is the Xtouch X Android phone which comes with an attractive design and an 18:9 display at a low price. Xtouch seeks to offer similar products which combine modern design with wireless tech.

Although headquartered in Dubai, Xtouch does sales and service across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. The mission serves a larger vision which is to bring the latest advances in technology to the masses at low prices thereby improving people’s lives.

What services or products are offered by Xtouch?

Among its mobile phone products, Xtouch has feature phone series, smartphone series, and robot phone series. Electronic goods like watches and headphones are also available.

Xtouch phones have a slick design and upgraded technology. Fingerprint sensors and built-in wireless charging are also available. Cameras are equipped with pro image sensors. Xtouch is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and launching new products that reflect their evolving nature.