Wiko is a growing French Smartphone manufacturing company which is majorly owned by Tinno Mobile that is a Chinese technology Group. To offer a wider range of choices in smartphones, National Store Collaborated with Wiko in the year 2017.  National Store looks after sales, service, and warranty of Wiko featured phones and smartphones. The target market of the joint venture is key retailers and the independent retailers. The Wiko mobile price in UAE is kept at an affordable range to reach all types of users.

The growth of Wiko can be adjudged by the fact that it stands at the 2nd position in being the most selling mobile phone brand in France and NOS in Europe. National Store and Wiko together are capable of handling 5000 to 20,000 units in a month.

Wiko is a colourful, affordable, reliable, and an accessible mobile phone brand and the company aims to offer the best balance of experience, accessibility, and convenience to its customers. Wiko mobile price is competitive which surely attracts a large number of people.

The market today is packed with a myriad of expensive devices which customers actually do not need. On the contrary, Wiko believes in offering a range of products that are of high quality and usable and tagged at an affordable price. National Store also completely believes in Wiko’s vision and mission, and work towards its growth.