Moser, a part of the Wahl Clipper Corporation USA is an international leader and a renowned name in high-performance appliances for hairstyling. The company is known for its excellent technology, innovative product ideas, and high quality for more than half a century, Moser has been a leading European manufacturer of hair clippers, trimmers, and other beauty products. National Store and Moser have come together to offer sales and re-export services and to provide Moser accessories in Dubai, UAE. The collaboration also looks after the service warranty in UAE regions. Together we eye retail, general dealer market, and re-export as the target market locations for a range of products including trimmers, clippers, hair straighteners, hair dryers, and styling blade sets.

Moser believes in creating an appeal about the products and its brands through its high-end technology, innovative ideas, and excellent quality. The company has its manufacturing site at the Unterkirnach in the Black Forest which is known for its manufacturing capacities and state-of-the-art facilities for development. Moser promises that all its hair clippers and trimmers with Made in Germany distinction meet high standards of quality.

Talking in terms of sales, National Store and Moser, together have the capacity to handle a maximum of 200 to 20FT containers at any given time depending on the SKU. On the Service front, Moser has a professional service department that is well-trained and organized to offer solutions and services to all types of Moser products.

So, when it comes to professional and high-quality hairstyling appliances, Moser is a one-stop solution, and with National Store as the Moser trimmer dealer in Dubai, be rest assured to have products, warranty, and service.

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