There is a reason why companies and manufacturers recommend that youshould buy authentic or original components. Even while replacing the canon batteries, you have to make sure that you use authentic and genuine products. No doubt, you will get a cheaper or compatible version of the battery; however, that can affect or damage the camera.

Why should youbuy genuine canon batteries?

When a company manufactures a particular replacement part, the quality standards are maintained. Moreover, purchasing genuine parts also helpsin the durability and longevity of the product in question. The best part about canon batteries is that the company designs it according to various models, that the batteries can be used on.  It also ensures that no other further problems arise due to the use of fake or counterfeit products.

Batteries are the powerhouse of any product, and you can never say when a situation may arise. There have been cases where the use of duplicate or non-compatible products hascaused muchdamage. When it comes to thecamera, you have to be extremely careful because it can become an expensive affair to repair or replace a damaged part.

You get the benefit of the warranty

Buying genuine canon batteries also gives you the benefit of warranty period. During this time, if anything happens to the battery, you can get it serviced or replaced. There are a few terms and conditions regarding what is acceptable and what is not. It is always good to find out so that you know how things are covered.

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